You Need to Know about stock? Nuveen Enhanced Municipal Value Fund (NEV)

Nuveen Enhanced Municipal Value Fund (NEV) Stock Price Move on Wall Street:

This article presents updated analysis story and can support yours research about Nuveen Enhanced Municipal Value Fund (NEV). The stock trading is very risky game without knowledge. In order to gain profit from stock trading require knowledge about stock research and analysis.

Let’s consider Nuveen Enhanced Municipal Value Fund (NEV) stock move that changed on Thursday Dated NOVEMBER 08, 2018. 113018 shares changed at hands in last session versus to an average volume of 74.51K shares. The stock price ended at $12.79 by scoring 0.08%.

Stock’s Price Fluctuations & Volatility:

The stock price registered volatility 1.01% in past week and volatility was at 1.14% over a last month. Historical volatility refers to the price fluctuations exhibited by the underlying asset (such as stock) over time. A security with high volatility has bigger fluctuations in price compared to a security with low volatility. The more quickly a price changes up and down, the more volatile it is. As such, volatility is often used as a measure of risk.

The stock’s Average True Range for 14 days was 0.15. ATR measures volatility, taking into account any gaps in the price movement. High ATR indicates increased volatility. A low ATR value indicates a series of periods with small ranges. It has a RSI reading of 42.53.

Nuveen Enhanced Municipal Value Fund (NEV) Stock’s Moving Average & Performance Analysis:

The stock showed weekly performance of 0.24% and it maintained for the month at 0.24%. Likewise the performance for the quarter was recorded as -9.36% and for the year it was -11.11%. The stock showed -4.91% performance during last 6-months. The YTD performance remained at -9.93%. This stock traded up toward its 52 week low with 1.91% and -11.79% down from its 52 week high price. The stock price is moving below from its 20 days moving average with -0.16% and it is trading below from 50 days moving average with -2.76%. The stock price is moving along declining drift from its 200 days moving average with -5.25%.

Nuveen Enhanced Municipal Value Fund (NEV) Stock’s Ratio Analysis:

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