Big businesses avoid eco- friendly packaging due to cost

The individuals behind the UK’s first completely compostable crisp packets say consumers should push huge corporations for more eco-friendly packaging. Their crisp packets are created from cellulose film derived from eucalyptus. The break down starts within 25 weeks in a home compost bin. As per the reports, two farmers can make around 7000 packets a day and supply local pubs and farm shops, but all bag costs around 10p more to make as compared to a standard crisp packet, meaning it can be hard to convince shops to stock them. Mr. Mason (Dealer of eco-friendly packaging) stated that they try to absorb some of the deficit but still get turned down by many retailers they approach. “I think it is entirely down to price,” he says.

Cost is the primary reason; hence, large corporations are not using entirely compostable packaging. Consumers have to demand it. Another small business leading the way on eco-friendly packaging is Delphis Eco, which produces cleaning products. Chief executive and Founder Mark Jankovich stated: “Everything we do is around being as sustainable as possible. What goes into the bottle is completely eco-friendly. The label’s eco-friendly – we use vegetable ink, so there’s zero water used in the process, and the next thing that we required to think about was packaging and the plastic, so we’ve done a large amount of work there as well.” He further stated I suppose we are the only company in the UK to have 100% recycled plastic in all of their packagings.” UK crisp manufacturer Walkers, which sold 15 million packets of crisps last year, says it is investigating “all options” around packaging and recycling. A spokesperson stated: “Right now, our focus in the UK is on generating recyclable crisp packaging that will be accepted as part of on-the-go recycling bins and kerbside collections.”

Coca-Cola says the amount of recycled material in its plastic bottles will get doubled from 25% to 50% by March 2020. Julian Hunt, at Coca-Cola, stated, “I welcome the innovation that is going on now in the drink and food market around packaging. We know that this is something that concerns businesses and consumers of all sizes are responding to that test.”

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