Mercedes-Benz launches its first electric vehicle in the EQ series, the EQC-SUV

Mercedes-Benz has launched the EQC SUV, its first EQ-series battery electric vehicle, which has gone on sale at a starting price of 579,800 yuan or nearly $83,000. The car, which was manufactured at Daimler’s joint venture with BAIC Motor Co., Beijing, is eligible for a subsidy of 16,000 yuan as well as an exemption from China’s 10 percent vehicle sales tax. The EQC delivers a range of nearly 415 kilometers. The automaker has chosen 59 franchised dealerships in 19 cities across China for distribution and servicing the EQC. Moreover, it is planning to establish two experience centers in Shanghai and another in Beijing for the EQ series by the end of this year.

The automaker is also planning to add a battery-powered variant of its G-class off-road SUV. A full-electric version of G class can help Mercedes to adhere to future regulations governing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. This might help secure the car’s future, especially when heavy and less efficient SUVs are coming under increasing criticism from environmental activists due to high emissions. The CO2 emissions of the G class km in the most powerful AMG version are as high as 304 grams per. The G class vehicles, built by Magna Steyr in Graz, Austria, have not changed a lot since the body-on-frame SUV drove into the market in the year 1979. The latest model that is lighter, bigger, and more luxurious than its predecessor was launched at the Detroit auto show last year.

The U.S. is the most prominent market for the G class. There have been a few concerns revolving around the future of the G class, mostly because the car has a niche appeal. The electric G class will probably have the EQ mark that Mercedes employs for its battery-powered vehicles like the EQC compact crossover. Kreisel Electric, the Austria-based company, has successfully modified a G class with an electric powertrain for the former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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