Consuming boiled milk can significantly reduce fatigue

Let’s be frank, when we sip on a glass of warm milk before bed, it feels really good. The warmth seems to slowly spread its way through our entire body, creating a drowsy and cozy sensation. It turns out there’s a certain science behind those fuzzy and warm feelings.

Boiled milk is known to several health benefits, which comprise boosting energy and improving mood. Now new research has indicated that consuming boiled warm milk may also help curb fatigue in patients of multiple sclerosis. Tiredness or fatigue is an indication that is seen in most of the people who undergo the degenerative condition, and experts of the study hope that the results of this research may offer a simple dietetic approach to remedying the unrelenting symptom. So, what else is in that warm glass of milk that works like magic in our body and gets it to sleep faster? A hormone that monitors the sleep-wake cycle, known as melatonin, is also found in milk. Everyone’s melatonin hormone levels are poles apart, and they are generally regulated by your inner clock. Usually, melatonin levels increase in the body later in the evening when the sun has set, which gives a signal to our brain that it’s time for sleep. If your mind is not as tired as your body at bedtime, a glass of warm milk before bed could help fuel your serotonin hormone levels and get your brainpower in sync with your body.

The researchers observed a small development in fatigue of those drinking warm milk before bed and those who did not drink. The practice also had a positive impact on fatigability. Hence it is recommended to have a warm glass of milk before bed. Avoid taking milk if you are lactose intolerant.


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