Study finds shocking cause for headache, congestion during Holiday season

Did you ever think that your Christmas decorations might be causing your annoying cold-like symptoms? Allergic reactions usually mimic cold symptoms. Even though it is wintertime, there are a lot of allergic elements in the environment that can make you fall sick with congestion, headaches, colds, coughing, and shortness of breath. If you’ve been suffering from cold-like symptoms that have lasted for an extended period of time that is more than three weeks, you might, in fact, be dealing with seasonal allergies instead, says study.

Headaches are usually the body’s reaction to emotional anxiety, misery, too much or less sleep, or gloominess. Some people get a headache after physical exercise, eye strain, or crying. As per the latest study, during the holiday season, headaches are very common among the adult population, and it may be related to allergy. A person suffering from headaches has pain and discomfort beneath the forehead or scalp, behind the eyes, or arising from the upper neck till head. While headaches may occur rarely or frequently, they are still the most common nervous system disorder, afflicting half of the population at least once and several times in a year, according to the World Health Organization. The most probable cause of headache is muscle tension. Other common causes of headaches comprise head injury, fever, sinusitis, viral infections, and migraines.

In order to correctly treat any allergy issue that could increase during the holidays, you’ll need to seek doctor’s advice, says expert. If you’ve tried over-the-counter allergy-related drugs and haven’t found any kind of relief, it’s time to have to go for a skin test to identify your triggers. Skin tests take about 20 minutes to recognize your triggers. Once you know your triggers, allergists can offer detailed, efficient environmental control plans for your precise triggers, and, if required, a personalized medication treatment plan can also be given.

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